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"Those street vendors don't know whether they are clean or not. What if they have diarrhea?" At the same time, her son, who was already able to recite backwards, was also "mouthing" to the mirror in the bathroom: "Dysentery has been prevalent again recently, how terrible it is! Mom, you're the only baby. Suddenly, with a bang, the sound of the bathroom door closing cut off her "mother's experience". Suppressing the urge to lecture, he turned off the gas stove and sat down staring at the wrapped sandwiches on the table. Alas! Which grown-up child doesn't mind his mother? Besides, Runrun is a precocious and independent gifted child. Why should others worry about him? Just oh! The hearts of parents in the world, only when the parents can understand what is meant by "all kinds of reluctant" concern, just like-her own parents! "Mom!" Wen Run called back her brief trance: "Do you still accompany me to the park for breakfast today?" "Of course." The son's apologetic expression made the warmth quickly put aside the displeasure just now. After packing up their schoolbags, the mother and son went out. As usual, they parked their car in the park near the school and enjoyed breakfast in the pavilion beside the lotus pond. With fresh air as seasoning, eating sandwiches is particularly "photosynthetic". Morning! A slightly stout woman, dripping with sweat, ran towards them. Good morning,side impact beams, Grandma Zhu! Cried a gentle voice. Good morning, Aunt Zhu! Warm ask: "Have you had breakfast?"? I have another sandwich here! Thank you! I've eaten. Aunt Zhu sat beside them, "The picture of your mother and son eating breakfast together is always enviable." Touching her gentle head, she showed a kind smile: "If I could have such a lovely grandson as Runrun to accompany me to the park every day, I would be so happy!" "Runrun is also very lucky to have such a good elder as you!" Because of the transfer of school status, the mother and son of the Wen family met Grandma Zhu,aluminium coated tubes, who often exercised in the park. At first glance, she fell in love with Runrun, who looked like her son when he was young, and because the children were still unwilling to get married at the age of 30, and the family spent less time together and more time apart, she admired the relationship between their mother and son. Miss Wen, I heard Runrun say yesterday. You lost your job? Aunt Zhu asked with concern. Alas.. Glancing askance at the son who was watching the tortoise by the pond, he explained warmly and shyly, "Because the president died suddenly, and the young lady doesn't like me.." "Isn't the president of your company Anshikuan, who has been widely reported in the news?" Aunt Zhu shook her head with regret, "what a pity!"! So the good Samaritan is gone. I heard that his only daughter is not easy to serve. Dad drove his young stepmother out of the house as soon as he died. Even your subordinates who are easy to get along with can't tolerate it. Don't be so cruel! Warm addition: "Because her stepmother is my best friend and boss in high school, beam impact tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, so …" "Oh!"! It turns out that Cheng Yuhuan, the'romantic black widow ', is your classmate! "Aware of her own slip of the tongue, Aunt Zhu said quickly:" I'm sorry, I also heard about it.. " "Never mind!" She smiled bitterly. "Who taught Yuhuan to be too beautiful?"! Will attract a lot of rumors born of jealousy, later have the opportunity, I will tell you about her story. It's getting late. Runrun should go to school. "Wait!" Aunt Zhu quickly copied down a phone call and put it into her hand, "I have a friend's son who is in an important position in Maoyuan. If you can't find a suitable job for the time being, I believe he can help." "Aunt Zhu, this." Warm and stupefied. Although "Maoyuan" is not a big enterprise, the company's year-end bonus has been among the top five in the business world over the years. Therefore, every time an advertisement is published, even if it is only for workers, there are always thousands of people who want to squeeze into this company that has more "money prospects" than a golden rice bowl, and she actually gets a "recommendation" effortlessly? "I know you don't like to owe favors, but it's hard to raise a child alone, and Runrun is so smart that you have to prepare more for his future'cultivation fee '." Aunt Zhu said confidently: "Don't worry!"! I guarantee that the son of that friend will definitely arrange a good job for you. ” * As the train sped, scenes from the window passed by, and the distant past was reflected in my mind like an old movie. Had it not been for Runrun's clamor to take the train, he would not have chosen this kind of transportation which easily makes people fall into memories. Remembering the joy of leaving home to study for the first time.. Think of the carefree days before the second year of high school. Remembering the disaster she had caused. "Evil girl!"! You have completely disgraced our Wen family. !” When Wen Wen received a phone call from her daughter, she rushed to find out the reason why she left school by herself, and the unexpected answer was. Pregnant? "Hinder.." Unable to resist a heavy slap, the warmth immediately fell to the ground. If you have something to say, say it slowly. You will frighten the child. Fortunately, Wen Qing jumped over in time to protect him in front of him, otherwise the angry second brother would definitely have more than one hand. Child Mild trembling pointed to her daughter, "She is already a sophomore in high school, not a child, you can not tell me that she does not even understand health education, so confused with others have children!" "Second Brother." Wen Qing was at a loss for words. Say! Where did this evil seed come from? Gentle really wants to beat up the man who hurt his daughter. Dad, please don't ask. Cry in a warm way. How can you not ask? Wen Qing said anxiously, "The other party must take full responsibility for this matter!" "He doesn't know about my pregnancy." Warm shook his head, "and people don't like me at all, how can they take responsibility?" "What?" Wen could not help cursing, "since he doesn't love you, why touch you?" "This smelly boy." Gentle is gnashing his teeth, "I must sue him for abducting underage girls!" "Dad!"! No She hugged her father's thigh. "If things get big, he'll be expelled from school!" "Ah Xin,cold drawn tubes, he hurt you so deeply that you still protect him?" Wen Qing shook her niece's delicate shoulder blade, which seemed to be broken. "Is aunt's example not enough to be a lesson for you?"? Why are you so stupid? "Abort the child!" A face of livid gentle, cold spit out four words. cbiesautomotive.com

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Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life
Blind texts it is an almost unorthographic life One day however a small line of blind text by the name
Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts
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